Top 5 Bizarre Dish of the World

Escamoles Dish

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. This, of course, is confirmed by the diversity of foods around the world. If you are adventurous with food and would like to have a feel of the various delicacies around the world, then get set for a ride.  This is because there are pleasant and fascinating dishes as well as weird and scary dishes. Five of the most bizarre and strange dish in the world have been assembled here for you in case you want to try them out.

  1.  Fugu from Japan


    Fugu: Deadliest Dish
    Image Via The Inquisitr

    When you talk of bizarre, this dish is it. It’s unbelievable how people can decide to make a meal out of a poisonous fish! This Japanese dish is made from putter fish which is known to possess poison sufficient to kill thirty people. So, when considering relishing fugu, consider the possibility of death. So much care is taken in preparing fugu that even the chefs are trained for years before they are certified to prepare this expensive food. It is either grilled or prepared as paper-thin sashimi and served in a stew. Though delicious, any little error in its composition is deadly. For a taste of this lethal delicacy, the period between October and March is the time to visit Japan. During this period, you get the dose in abundance as the fish is in season.

  2. Sannakji from South Korea

    Sannakji Or Live Octopus
    Image Via YouTube

    This is one dish that octopus lovers would love to devour. However, you have to relish this octopus dish raw! Originating from South Korea, the live octopus is served either in whole or pieced with only a splash of sesame oil to garnish. This delicacy is presented so fresh that the tentacles can be seen moving about the plate. The consumer may need to be careful in gobbling it down as the suckers from the octopus can cause choking or death by attacking the consumer’s throat.

  3. Fried Spider from Cambodia


    Fried Spider
    Image Via Pinterest

    In Skuon, a town in Cambodia, this is a special dish of spiders fried in garlic oil till crunchy and crispy. Though physically crunchy, the fried creepy spiders are soft and sticky on the inside. So, you don’t need to be scared of the creepy things as they make a delicious dish.

  4. Balut from the Philippines


    Balut Dish
    Image Via Wikipedia

    Of course, the consumption of boiled eggs is common in every part of the world. How about eating an egg boiled together with a developing duck embryo? This is enjoyed and relished by the Philippines who devour the egg with the developing wings and beak. It is further garnished with chilli, garlic, and vinegar.

  5. Escamoles from Mexico

    Escamoles Dish
    Image Via Wikipedia

    Another food for the adventurous eater is a dish of ant larvae which is also referred to as insect caviar. These ant eggs are collected from the roots of maguey an agave plants. Upon collection, they are deep fried and served with a spread of butter. Possessing a nutty taste, escamoles (ant larvae) is a pleasantly crispy delicacy.

    If you have the guts, do try these dishes and tell us your experience in the comment section below. Enjoy

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