Top 3 Best Scuba Diving Places In World

Scuba Diving In Cocos Island, Costa Rica

 Scuba Diving is one activity that fascinates swimmers and lovers of water alike.  Scuba diving provides the extraordinary experience of seeing and feeling the exquisite underwater flora and fauna that are not found on the surface. Definitely, no scuba diver would want to miss an opportunity of diving for anything in the world. The view and experience are simply fantastic and better experienced than described.

 We have created a list of top 3 best places in the world where you can fully enjoy scuba diving and get an unforgettable diving experience.

    1. Sipadan in Malaysia

      Sipadan Island Scuba Diving
      Image Via CNN Travel

      If you desire classy and world-class scuba diving experience, Sipadan is the right place for you. Sipadan maintains its standard and issues only 100 dive permits per day at an expensive rate. Hence, plan your schedule such that you get there early enough to secure a permit or book ahead of time. But do not miss out on this out of the world diving experience. Although remotely situated off the east coast in Sabah, Sipadan is a secure marine reserve with a healthy reef and variety of fishes. The marine life includes hard and soft corals, hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, leopard sharks, and sea turtles.

      Not only is Sipadan popular, but it is also recognized as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. It possesses a depth above hundred meters where large schools of fishes can be seen gliding smoothly through the water. 
      So pack your diving gears and get set to explore the stunning underwater world of Sipadan.

    2. Raja Ampat in Indonesia

      Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat, Indonesia
      Image Via Raja Ampat Biodiversity

      The remote location of this island and the presence of numerous karst mountain islands make it more suitable for scuba diving. The water is still very pristine and the diver gets to see various underwater creatures in one dive. The amazing creatures include whale sharks, dolphins, whales as well as manta rays.

      The interesting thing about this destination is that even if you do not get the chance to scuba dive, you do not need to worry as snorkelling alone gives you enough of this view. So, you get to enjoy the view of the amazing creatures whether you scuba dive or not. The water is just so filled with them that you cannot ignore them.

      Plan on diving in the pristine water of Raja Ampat islands and have a blast.

    3.          Cocos Island in Costa Rica

      Scuba Diving In Cocos Island, Costa Rica
      Image Via National Geographic

      Do you need a place where you get value for your money?  Then Cocos Island is the place for you. The price may cause you to dither from indulging in this experience. But the scuba diving experience will be worth every single penny you spent.   

      Located in a remote area in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica, the island is a National Park which further proves the level of standard. You get to view large schools of hammerhead sharks, whales, and other underwater creatures. Additionally, to enjoy the view better, you need to be on a liveaboard.

      You need to look beyond the expensive diving trips and the fact that you have to get a lodge outside the Island. Consider the fascinating view that awaits you.


      Please do tell us about your previous diving experience in the comment section. Feel free to share the details of the destination where you feel scuba diving can be enjoyed the most. Let’s live a little and dive a little bit more.

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