Tips & Tricks You Can Use In Amazon Great India Sale

Amazon great India Sale is here once again. And this time it is even bigger with big brands and even bigger discounts. But you already know that, right? Because by now you must have seen the Amazon Tv ads, Banners on metro stations and on multiple websites. Amazon claims that this time user will get discounts of up to 80% on all products of Fashion and Lifestyle, Electronics and blah blah blah. But discounts on fashion and lifestyle products are seen throughout the year on their website. Like we see 50% – 80% discount on all fashion products on amazon or some other fashion website. Even now Amazon is offering 70% discount on their fashion category page. So how does user gets the benefits from this sale? Amazon claims that they sell about 15 million products in their last Great India Sale. Amazon also claims that biggest single category in these sales is Electronics, which I think is true. For example, Amazon is going to sell its Kindle Paperwhite for only Rs.8,999 which is Rs.2000 less than its original value. The user gets the biggest discount deals on Electronics in these Sales. In that too they give some blockbuster deals on electronics which gets sold out within a second. People wait for days for these sales to open up just to buy the products they were waiting to buy. And sometimes the discount is so huge that only a handful of users gets the benefit of this Sale. So how can a user be prepared before the sale so that they can get the stuff that they have been wanting for days. I am going to talk about electronics only as this is the category that gets sold first.


So here are a few tips and tricks that can help you finding the right deals before they get sold out:


  1. First of all bookmark the page and look for the deals on this page on sale day.
  2. As I mentioned earlier The blockbuster deals get sold out within seconds so make sure you are logged in to your account, have entered the right shipping address and the payment details beforehand.
  3. Start creating your wishlist now. Don’t wait for the sale to begin and then look for the products you have to buy. Select your products and create a wishlist. This will help you save time in selecting the products.
  1. Once the sale is live, select and add your products to your cart and checkout within 15 minutes.
  2. The blockbuster deals are the first thing that is mentioned on the page which I have mentioned in the first point. So, you have to scroll down for other big deals and discount offers.
  3. If not, Join amazon prime which opens the doors for The Great Indian Sale Deals for its Prime members 30 minutes prior to the start of a deal for the general public. You can access all the best deals and blockbuster offers early with prime membership. Prime members get exclusive access to deals early during the Amazon Great India Sale.
  4. Use Amazon Pay as your payment option. It helps you save time on the payment page. Just top up your amazon pay balance and start shopping.
  5. Now, if you are confused about what to buy in an electronics store, you can get help from Amazon Choice. This will help you in finding the right deals as per your needs.

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