This Father’s Day, make Real Connections

Father’s Day 2019 is around the corner and it’s time for you to open the wings of gratitude. The relation between a father and his child is indispensably important for the family to remain intact. If you have any issue in the relation with your father, it’s time to smile through all the problems and make connections that make you feel alive 🙂

Father’s Day witnesses an Unbreakable Bond 

Ever wished for something and saw it in your room the same night? Or, ever had someone make you laugh in the middle of a heated argument?  Fathers always do that, don’t they? Whether it is coming to your rescue when your sibling is pulling your leg, protecting you from Mom’s scolding, or providing you with all the resources to fulfill your dream, fathers can do it all, exceptionally well. Narrating fables or singing lullabies to put you to sleep has always been a piece of cake for them. From laughing together on silly jokes to imparting wisdom in times of need, a father is more like a friend than a parent.

And, oh, no one can match the patience level of a father. The calmness with which they handle panicky situations is something every child aspires to master. They toil the entire day at work, hold the entire household together, put the family’s needs before theirs, and still manage to wear a genuine smile at the end of the day.

Making Father's Day memorable
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Perhaps the saying, “Not all superheroes wear capes” suit best for fathers. Being able to get up at dawn after an exhausting day at work just to wake you up for an exam is something only fathers can do. We all must have had a golden handshake with the Almighty to have been blessed with a father. No doubt the Bible considers the word ‘Father’ so holy.

The bond between a father and his child is like a sponge; always falling in shape despite of conflicts. Such a bond is highlighted especially on Father’s Day, which is observed on the third Sunday of June, every year.

The weakening cord

Unfortunately, in today’s era, the bond between a father and his children is fading away. A child, these days, does not feel comfortable enough to open up to his/her father for a number of reasons. Sometimes, children feel that fathers are being too restrictive. However, on the father’s end, they think they’ve given as much slack as possible to their kids. This conflict of interest leads to inevitable knots in the relation between a child and his father.
As a result, there are chances that important family relations are disrupted. This can have a severe impact on both the child’s and the parent’s life.

Father and child arguing
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This father’s day onward, hold the strings together

As much as a child needs his/her father to be supportive and encouraging, the father needs the child to be understanding. It cannot function in only one way. What is important to understand is that the generation gap between a parent and his child can never be reduced, but the mindsets of both the generations can merge at a point. Despite difficulties, it’s important for both the father and the child to keep holding the strings together. There should be a balance of power where the father provides enough freedom to the child and at the same time, the child takes responsibility for his actions. Remember, there’s always a way to make it work.


father and daughter hugging on father's day
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If there is any problem in the relation between you and your father, it’s time to wipe it off. So, go, give your father a hug, and take it off with a clean slate, before time ends up playing nasty games.
This Father’s Day, on 16th June 2019, let’s make memorable connections 🙂


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