The most dangerous places on Earth

Dangerous Places

Mother earth is beautiful. However, there are some places which are extremely dangerous. Either it is dangerous due to human interference or nature has expressed its wrath on that place. In this article, we will list places that are extremely dangerous.


1. Syria

Destruction Caused By War
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Syria Bombing
Image Via Military Times


The Syrian Arab Republic is a politically disturbed country in Western Asia. It is home to diverse races, ethnicity, and religions. The situation in this country is extremely dangerous and volatile due to the ongoing Civil war. Post the Arab Spring in 2011, Syrians started a peaceful protest against the corruption, lack of freedom and economic crises. The government responded to the peaceful protest instead by brutally killing the demonstrators.  The civil war has caused massive destruction in the county. Around 500,000 people have been killed including 55000 kids during Syria conflicts.

2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The City Of San Pedro Sula
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This place was ill-famed as ‘murder capital of the world’  until 2016. Because of its high homicide numbers. Probably one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the world, the place is also home to traffickers of illegal arms.

3. Sumatra and Java, Indonesia

Destruction Caused By Natural Disasters In Indonasia
Image Via The Maritime Executive


Located on the Pacific Ring fire, Indonesia houses a total of 147  volcanoes.  Of which 76 are active volcanoes spread along the islands of Java, Lesser Sunda, Sumatra, and Celebes. Because of the commonly occurring natural disasters like volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslides, floods, droughts or Tsunami, life is difficult The population located here is always under the threat of Mother Nature.

4. Somalia

Somalia Bombing
Image Via the NY Times


Another country that is suffering from the destruction of civil war is Somalia. And is termed as the ‘least developed country’ by the UN. Due to high poverty and no social or economic development, it is a hub of piracy, terrorism, kidnapping, violent attacks, crimes, etc. It is not safe to live a normal life in any part of Somalia.

5. Naples, Italy

The City Of Naples
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This place is also unpleasantly called ‘death trap’. The place is surrounded by volcanoes from all sides. However, the area is densely populated. A major eruption of lava can take a toll of millions of people staying in Naples.

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Crime
Image Via The Times


This oldest city of South Africa is a tourist destination for its immensely beautiful natural locations. However, due to high rates of kidnapping, crime, smuggling, murder and other notorious activities, the place is regarded as a dangerous place too.

7. Danakil, Ethiopia

Stills Of Hot Springs
Pic Credit: The Atlantic
Salt Mining In Danakil
Images From The Atlantic
Erta Ale, active basaltic shield volcano
Images From The Atlantic


Danakil Depression is considered as one of the hottest, lowest, inhospitable places. And it receives100 to 200mm of rainfall in a year in. You can find Volcano, hot springs and geysers, sulphur springs, lava lake, vast salt pans in this place. The extreme temperatures and geology make it one of the most dangerous and inhospitable places. Though,  Afar people do live here doing salt mining.

8. Yemen

Image Via CNN


Yemen is another country in the grip of civil war.  The civil war began in the year 2015 between internationally recognized Syrian government led by Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi the Houthi armed movement. The civil war has caused massive death and destruction. The misery is further heightened by the fact that almost 14 million people are vulnerable to man-made famine.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christ, The Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro
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Rio de Janeiro is an extremely beautiful city but with a bad reputation. It is a city that is suffering from organised crimes. Besides, it has a high murder rate along with drug trafficking, robbery, sexual assaults, and other deadly crimes.

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