The latest bikini fashion trends SS 2019

The new year has started and people are almost into a vacation mood. The vacation period is not far away. Summers, beautiful beaches and the women sporting in bikini are all three things which complement each other. Here are the latest fashion trends streaming in the Bikini world that you can pick up and add in  your style:

1) Belt and other accessories

Image Via PoshMark


The added accessory of contrast colour gives a glamorous look to the bikini bottom. It supports as well as beautifies the entire look. Also, a matching ear top or ring along with the conspicuous belt button would add to colours.


2) Polka dots

Polka Dot Bikini

Image Via  Zivame

This classic print of fabric has revamped many outfits then why not a swimsuit? The orange, cherry red, black, tomato red, royal blue polka dots give a girly look to the bikini. A frill, off the shoulder bikini with polka dots is a popular item.

3) Frills

Frilled Bikini
Image Via Boohoo


Floral applique, frill decoration on sleeves and neckline of bikini top along with the bikini line of the bottom is an extremely sexy style trended recently.

4) Sporty

Sports Bikini
Image Via Pinterest


This style of bikini takes you back in the era of 1980s. A sporty bikini top gives a pleasant and comfortable look to an athletic physique of the model.

5) Fruity prints

Fruity Prints Bikini
Image Via RageOn


Its summer and if you are wearing a bikini having fruit prints like cherry, strawberry, lemon, etc. it adds to the flavour of vacation.

6) Crochet style

Crochet Style Bikini
Image Via BikiniShe


The style has evolved with beautiful colours and knitted fabrics. One can also choose a mismatched option while wearing it. Nothing is cuter than crochet. It also gives you a chance to beautify your baby bump with skimpy crochet.

7) High waisted

High waisted Bikini
Image Via ModCloth


This Retro style is welcomed by many due to its ability to accentuate the waist. It looks hotter never before.

8) Off the shoulder style

Off the Shoulder Style Bikini
Image Via Pinterest


The ruffle, floral off- the shoulder is there for a year or two and has taken up popularly in the trend.

9) Neoprenes


Image Via Amazon

The fabric called as the leather of summer is soft, lightweight and thin fabric, traditionally used to prepare wetsuits. This fabric has also been up on the trend in bikini style.

10) Nude colour

Nude Colour Bikinis
Image Via Pinterest


You like showing your skin but also wish to be modest sometimes; then this is the best style of Bikini for you.

11) One piece

Onepiece Bikini
Image Via Pinterest


This style is worth splurging on. These bikinis can also make your after beach dinner a pleasurable moment. If you are worried about suntan bikini lines then you must relish this style.

12) Smoked fabric

This is been a recent trend along with the floral prints. The classic smoked fabric in vibrant colours like bright yellow or orange makes a beautiful bikini

12) High neck

High Neck Bikini Tops
Image Via Venus


The high neck bikini tops are just another beautiful and comfortable style seen nowadays. For those who have a deep cleavage or heavy breast, this fashion is trending up for them.

13) Black and white

Black & White Coloured Bikini
Image Via PrettyLittleThing


Black and white are sometimes more beautiful than colourful. The stripes, chequered or contrast tops and bottoms in the bikini of black and white colour are making their way up in trends.

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