The Best Android Money Making App Online Is Here – And it’s aptly called RozDhan

Us Indians love to have opportunities for easy ways to make money on the side, and with the current booming Internet age earning extra money quick is becoming increasingly possible. And now with this fantastic online money making app which is being hailed as the best in the Indian market yet, you are all set to earn those extra bucks you have been searching for while sitting comfortably at home!

Welcome the appropriately named RozDhan app into your life. Easily the best money making android app India 2019, Roz Dhan offers very easy and convenient ways to add extra balance to your bank account for free, every day. (You get a flat Rs 50 just for installing!).

Unbelievable? Better believe it. Below we have covered all the details that you’d need to know so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. We have also included proof that Roz Dhan is a completely legitimate platform, and not just another scam. Here we go:-

Unit I: Easy Money

1. Your First ₹25

  1. Install the RozDhan app directly from Playstore or from a Whatsapp link your friend has referred to you (this will give him Rs 5).
  2. Sign in using your Paytm number.
  3. ₹25 will be instantly added to your RozDhan wallet.

2. Make it ₹50

  1. From the “Earn Money” section, just enter this invitation code – 050TCD.
  2. You will instantly get an additional ₹25 added to your account.

Note – You can withdraw money from your Roz Dhan wallet to your Paytm account only when it has ₹200 or more. So here are the other ways that will help you get to that target:-

Unit II: Money from Activities

So the question arises, what exactly is Roz Dhan? What does it do? In a nutshell, Rozdhan in similar to apps such as Youtube or – where you can watch and share funny and entertaining videos. The major benefit that Rozdhan provides though is that you get paid for doing that! For every video that you watch, share and upload you get more and more coins added to your account, which are then converted into real Indian rupees. Here are all the ways that you can utilize on the app to make money:-

1. Refer & Earn

  1. Sharing your friends your referral link and inviting them to install the app is the most sure shot way of earning at Rozdhan.
  2. You get a straight 1250 coins when they install the app and you can use virtually any sharing source on your phone to send your link (Whatsapp, Twitter, Messaging, etc).
  3. Every time those friends further send their own invites, you’ll get an additional 250 coins for every installation.

2. Edit Your Profile

  1. Just fill in your basic information (Nickname, Description, Birthday, Gender and Education) on your Rozdhan profile
  2. Get a flat 200 coins upon completion

3. Share Articles

  1. Share any article on the Rozdhan app to your friends
  2. Get upto 100 coins when they click on it

4. Daily Check Ins

  1. Just open the app at least once every day
  2. You’ll get a minimum of 25 coins on any login day but if you maintain continuity that number will keep on increasing with additional 5 coins everyday  

5. Uploading & Sharing Videos

Apart from inviting friends, this is the other most lucrative way of earning money easily on the app. We all watch videos online so it’s just so convenient that you actually get paid for it too!

  1. As you watch and share videos you get coins. The more you watch and share, the more the coins awarded increase progressively.
  2. There is no set number of coins for every video. It varies from video to video.
  3. Upon sharing these videos if they are watched by fellow Rozdhan app users, you’ll both get additional coins.

Unit III: Proof that RozDhan is legit

1. Testimonials

These famous Indian Youtubers have been able to earn in excess of Rs 8 lakhs through Roz Dhan. While this is a crazy amount and just shows you how much potential for earning this app really has, it cannot be denied earning such amounts is not as easy for us common folk. But nothing to worry about, because the Ranking Lists tell us a very hopeful story.

2. Ranking List

Under the “Me” section you’ll find a “Ranking List” option which displays the highest weekly and monthly earnings by users. Here’s the status upon the time of writing this article:-

So you can easily see that even the average user can earn over ₹12000 weekly and upto a whopping ₹1,80000 monthly using RozDhan. These are not fabricated numbers but actual numbers taken from my own mobile screenshots. Install the app and see it for yourself.

3. Statistics

  • 5 million+ installs
  • 2 lakh+ people have withdrawn money from RozDhan
  • 5000 users have earned upto ₹50,000 per month
  • 700 users have earned upto ₹2,00,000 per month
  • 100 users have earned upto ₹5,00,000 per month
  • Google ranked top 3


RozDhan, while does not look probable to be your primary source of income, can certainly help add some much needed extra money to your balance which will at least take care of your mobile recharges, bill payments etc. It is a legitimate app from which you can withdraw money into your linked Paytm account, and it certainly provides some utility as you just have to watch and share videos to earn, apart from referrals – both of which are totally free to do.

So if you are looking for an app that will help you earn extra money from the comfort of your home, your search ends now. Just install the Roz Dhan app and make the most of your free time. We wish you all the riches and happiness in your endeavour and hope that you reach top of the rankings lists!

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