Mobile Life: Adverse effect of mobile phone on health

Mobile phones are electronic devices which are one of the best and most easy medium of communication. With the help of these mobile phones we can communicate with one another. Consequently, even at enormously larger distances across the globe. Thus, it is known to be one of the most convenient source of communication. With the help of a mobile phone, one can get better at social networking. As a result of which, getting access to a wider range of people. Through mobile phones one can easily avail facilities. Likewise, such as a better treatment by an expert doctor. Also, one can even get a chance to be taught by world’s best teacher online.

Whenever we have access to online services, it gives us a sense of relief. This is because if something or some procedure can be possibly accomplished online it makes things quite convenient. Similarly, Even we can interact with people living in the different areas of the world.  This all can be done by just tapping on the phone screen. Anyone can easily interact, learn and get entertained by using mobile phones.

Adverse effect of mobile phone on health
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Origin of mobile phone

Sometimes questions strikes in my mind, that is, who invented mobile phone and for what purpose were they invented? And like everyone else would have done, I browsed it. And, the answer was, Martin Cooper and John F. Mitchell, who demonstrated the first hand held mobile phones in 1973.  The next thing I tried to find out was the purpose behind the creation of mobile phones. After a lot of internet research and going through the opinions of various scientists online, I Got to know that mobile phones were introduced keeping in mind the need of the people to talk to one another. This simple and straight urge “to talk or communicate at distant places” has now taken a very complex and wide definition.

It is worth consideration that the excessive use of mobile phones and its features getting advanced on daily basis, including variety of apps which people download on their smart phones and get engaged to it day and night, the health of people around the world is adversely affected. Now, not only the people like to be with mobile phones but they have started treating it as the part of their lives.


In a research survey which was done by me through questionnaire method. The objective of my research was to find out the impact of mobile phones on the health of the people.

  • It was found that 23% of respondents use mobile phones always, 47% people use mobile phone often and 30% use mobile phone sometimes.
  •  35% people use mobile phones most frequently for calling and texting purpose, 43% use mobile phones mostly for using social networking sites and 22% use mobile phones mostly for informative purpose.
  • It was observed that the sleep duration of the people who use social networking sites was much less as compared to others i.e. less than 4 hours.
  • Out of the research, it was found that 24% people often feel negative about themselves, 57% feel negative sometimes while only 16% people never feel negative about themselves or others.
  • Also, it was found that only 9% of the people can think of a life without mobile phone while 42% of the people cannot even imagine a life without mobile phones.

Hence, the research concluded that, though mobile phones have numerous advantages and benefits, however, mobile phones mostly have a negative impact on health of the people who are using them.

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Mobile phone users

As per data from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the country’s overall  the number of mobile phone users have risen by more than 486,000 in April 2019 to reach 1.162 billion, which shows an increasing trend since December 2018. As per, McKinsey Report 2019 internet users in India will rise by 40% and smart phones will possibly be double by 2023.  This means that the people are not satisfied with just one phone, they now need multiple phones to handle multiple tasks in their lives. Also, people purchase new version of mobile phones for latest features as and when they are launched in the market.

Effect on health

These mobile phones have started affecting the health of people of Delhi at a massive level. The people now have irregular sleeping pattern, an unhealthy routine affecting their mind as well as body. Technology specifically with reference to mobile phones has been rising at a large level and is getting updated almost every hour. However, this does not only mean that the people are getting more developed positively. There still exists a type of population who is using these technologies in a negative way, which is giving rise to the criminal activities in and around the globe.

Mobile phone lays effect on health.
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The mobile phones that we use as soon as we open our eyes and before we close them are affecting the health of all of us at a very substantial rate. Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. These radiations can be absorbed by the tissues close to the phone. Even the scientists have reported adverse health effect of using mobile phones including changes in brain activity, reaction times and sleep patterns.


It was well said by Mr. Steven Magee “Computers and mobile devices are becoming known for their inherent insecurities and the ability to damage the long term health of the users.” After knowing all these things, you don’t need to start panicking and stop using it completely. Rather, we all need to understand that ‘balance’ is the most important part of life. In order to get a better and a healthy lifestyle, one should understand that invention is the output of need. But it is us who will define how significant a need is.

We all know that one is never satisfied. Rich wants to get richer, best wants to be better. But we need to understand that there should be a limit that defines the usage of technology and the resources available. Hence, this research on the effect of mobile phone on heath is a clear evidence based on real respondents that although technology is  accepted and loved by one and all, but everything has both  pros and cons attached to it.

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  1. A very useful article in the present times. Essentially, a ‘balance’ has to be created. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting. 👍

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