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In this world, technology is evolving and improving very fast. The mobile phone market which is growing at a rate we can only imagine, giving rise to thousands of mobile apps per day. There is a new mobile coming out every day and a new app launched every hour.

As the popularity of mobile phones is growing, the mobile phone application market is also growing. There is an app for everything. If you want to go shopping? There is an app for that. And if you don’t feel like cooking? There is an app to order food.

According to Google statistics, about 2.6 million Android apps were available in Play Store in December 2018, whereas App Store had about 2 million apps. Hence, the mobile application market is proved to be one of the growing, economic markets in the world.

Below are the apps which will make your everyday work easy


Evernote logo
Image Via Evernote

If you want everything in your life organized, then Evernote is the solution. Evernote offers multiple features including but not limited to note taking, to-do list, document creation etc.

All you need to do is press the ‘+’ sign and start taking notes. Besides, attaching pictures to your notes; it allows you to attach video files and you can even attach audio files. You can share your notes with anyone in an instant;thus, it is very powerful.

You can download the PC version of the app and edit any notes, you have previously created on your mobile phone. Evernote syncs between devices and lets you carry your notes anywhere you go. What more can you ask for?

There are two versions of the app available: Free and Premium. The premium version offers no restrictions and features 10 GB upload space each month, unlimited devices, scanning business cards and much more.


• Save, sync and organize text, audio, video, image files.

•Share notes with ease.

• Available in Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Web app.

• The free version allows 60 MB uploads/month, while the Premium version allows 10 GB uploads/month.

Below are the links to Evernote Android and iOS app.



Some of the best alternatives for Evernote are

• Google Keep –  Free but not many features when compared to Evernote.

• Onenote – A potential alternative to Evernote with identical features it is also free.

• Dropbox Paper – Available in most of the mainstream platforms this app is also free.

Online shopping apps

Everybody wants to go shopping, whether its is youngsters or elders. When I was a kid, I remember my parents taking me to a retail cloth store and after spending an hour there, we would return empty-handed. My mom didn’t like any saree in the shop or she didn’t get the design or patterns, she desired.

Well, you know the frustration when you need a specific type of dress for an upcoming party or a date but when you cannot find it in any of the local stores. That’s where the online shopping app comes into play.

Online shopping apps let you find the exact dress you want. Any pattern, any colour, any style you need, and the best thing is, you can sit on your couch with popcorn and keep searching until you get a dress you like. Shopping apps are not only restricted to clothing, but you can also buy electronics, gift cards, video games, anything you name it, it’s available in the online shops.

Below are some of the most trusted online shops which offer a huge selection of items from electronics to dressing materials

• Amazon

Amazon logo


• eBay



• Flipkart

flipkart logo


• Snapdeal

Snapdeal Logo


Below is a list of online shops, specifically made for fashion and clothing

• Myntra



• Jabong

Jabong Coupons


Food delivery apps

Food delivery apps are one of the most useful apps available for mobiles. Do you feel like eating something special today? You don’t feel like cooking? Well, we got you covered. Food delivery apps let you choose from a wide variety of choices and have them delivered to your doorstep. And  you can pay using cash or card.

Some of the well-known food delivery apps with a tasty menu are:

• Swiggy

Swiggy Offers


• Zomato

Zomato Offers


• Pizza Hut: Anything related to pizza, you can get it here.

Pizza Hut Offers


• Domino’s

Dominos Coupons

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