How Yoga Helps During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is that period in a woman’s life during which their bodies undergo a series of transformations. The body just doesn’t remain the same during pregnancy and this awareness, can result in a lot of mental and physical stress for pregnant women. This is because it can be so disheartening to watch your body gradually lose its pre-pregnancy shape. Yoga is, therefore, important to ease one’s mental and physical stress in order to maintain a sound mind and a healthy body, for both yourself and the life you are about to bring to the world.

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Enrolling in yoga classes during pregnancy helps ease both your body and mind considerably. Let’s see why:-

  1. Prenatal Yoga classes present suitable postures for pregnant women which relaxes their mind and boosts their strength, endurance, and flexibility for an easy delivery. During these classes, women are taught to maintain steady breathing and other relaxation techniques to enhance calmness during child labour. The breathing methods further help to ease the pain of delivery.
  2. Doing Yoga directly amplifies peaceful sleep for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women naturally tend to have trouble sleeping. But with yoga, the mind and the body become relaxed and unified. That is very important to the overall wellness of the baby as well as the mother.
  3. Yoga reduces lower back pain, headache, and all body pain in general.
  4. It also helps alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. Yoga also enhances the proper growth of the baby. Thus, reducing the risk of intrauterine growth restriction.
  6. The exercises also reduce the chances of premature labour.
  7. Yoga decreases the level of complications arising from hypertension to a large extent as well.  It secures the health of the mother and increases the well-being of the fetus.
  8. Furthermore, Yoga classes are a great means for building a form of pregnancy support system for expecting women. In a prenatal yoga class, pregnant women are able to connect and relate their experiences with one another during this crucial period of their lives.

It is essential however, to take precautions during these yoga classes so you can achieve the expected result. Ensure to enrol for classes that are meant strictly for expecting mothers and taught by a certified instructor. It is imperative to pay attention to the postures. You should take care to stick to only the poses that are safe for pregnant women in order to not stress yourself. Pregnant women should avoid exercises such as Bikram that are done in hot environments, as it can cause hyperthermia which poses a health risk to the mother and fetus alike.

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It is advisable that each yoga class should run for a period of thirty minutes so that you don’t overstretch yourself. Most importantly, be sure to consult your doctor before enrolling for a yoga class to ascertain whether it is suitable for you.

All the best wishes for your soon to be born little bundle of joy 😀

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  1. Great post! Truly the benefits of practising yoga during pregnancy are many. With the upheaval that pregnancy can cause, yoga can help expectant moms to remain calm during stressful times. Also, one can practise yoga after pregnancy to lose weight.

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