Different Ways To De-Stress In This Stressful Age

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The rapidly evolving technology has turned the world into an oyster. Providing connectivity which is breaking the barriers created by language, race, religion, ethnicity etc. However, this constantly developing technology brings in problems of its own. Nowadays, we spend more time on social media either chatting or surfing the internet. Thus, our interpersonal communication has reduced. We are getting more lonely, stressed, depressed and anxious. In order to have a healthy and happy life, we need to reduce this stress. And If the current climate caters to our stress then it also provides ways to de-stress. In this article, we will discuss different ways to de-stress sans social media:

  1. Listening to Music

    Listening Music To De-Stress
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    Music, the strongest form of magic, transcends language boundaries and seeps into every inch of our soul. Scientific discoveries have proven the potency of its charm.

    Music has the capacity to transform our moods. It can relax and revive our spirit. Listening to music reduces the level of cortisol, stress-related hormones in our bodies. It can alter your heartbeat and lower your breathing rate. Thus, relaxing you.

    The benefit of music is tapped efficiently through Music Therapy. This therapy uses music to ameliorate mental and physical well-being of a person. Music therapy is used in the treatment of various ailments such as Dementia, Sleeplessness, Autism, Anxiety, Depression etc.

    So, do listen to your favourite genre of music if you either feel low, extremely stressed or depressed. Music is the saviour you were yearning for. And I feel that listening to music is one of the most effective ways to de-str

  2. Working Out

    Working Out To De-Stress
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    Working out helps in regulating our emotions and the thoughts that are cluttered in our head. Exercising further helps in taking the edge off and in dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, stress, tension etc.

    Working out entails doing physical labour which prompts the release of endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitter of the brain.  Thus, providing us with a feeling of pleasure and distracting us from all the problems of our lives.

    Working out improves our sleep cycle which gets disrupted due to stress, depression and anxieties. And a peaceful sleep is extremely important for dealing with de-stress. Working Out not only increases your stamina but also keeps us motivated, happy, increases our self-esteem.

    Get up people, and join any gym or start running in the park. Since you can maintain your mental health only if you pay attention to your physical health preferably by exercising. Thus, try exercising amongst other ways to de-stress.

  3. Reading Books

    Reading Books To De-Stress
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    Reading provides a medium through which we can enter a world or life which may be very different from the one which we are leading. It is a way through which you can travel places without any passport or ticket.

    Reading provides us with an escape from the mundane existence of our reality.  Bringing in excitement, joy, creativity, diverse perspective into our lives. Thus, providing us with relaxation and reducing our anxiety and stress.

    Books are not just an escape from reality but also a great teacher. For instance, The Harry Potter series illustrated to me the value of unconditional love, compassion, courage and determination. The idea of owning up who you are either weird  (Luna Lovegood) or a rebel (Toby) was another important lesson which I took home with me.

    Reading is an important source of inspiration. I still remember the feeling of awe and amazement which I felt when I first read Still I Rise by Maya Angelou. Whenever I read this poem I am imbued with the feeling of passion towards my life and goals. This poem fills me with hope, pride and faith. So, go find the poem or book which inspires you in moving toward your goal in spite of the obstacles you are facing.

    The technologically advancing world is catering to your entertainment through multiple avenues like online games, movies, tv series, comedy shows etc. I understand with such a variety to choose from reading would feel like time taking, tedious or even boring exercise to some. But please give reading a chance. The charm and impact of reading are incomparable.

    You need to decide the genre you love and read books of that genre. You are up for a very satisfying journey that’s for sure. With numerous creative and imaginative ways to de-stress; the effectiveness of reading is probably second to none.

  4. Writing



    Writing To De-Stress
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    Writing is a medium through which we can express our most intimate thoughts, desire, fear etc. It is believed that until and unless we lend words to our emotions we can’t comprehend the magnitude of our feelings. Hence, penning down the way we feel helps us in realizing and rationalising our thoughts.

    Writing liberates us from the feeling of entrapment and helplessness which otherwise would dominate our mind if our thoughts remain unexpressed.

    Therefore, take your favourite pen and unleash your sentiments and opinions in a diary. Going through it later will not only encourage you but it will enable you to see yourself through a new perspective. Though, extremely personal it is one amongst other creative and fruitful ways to de-stress.

  5. Eating Healthy Food

    Eating Healthy Food To De-Stress
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    The contemporary world is all about staying in trend and people are influenced by theories such as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), YOLO (You Live Only Once). The idea behind these kinds of theories is that since we get only one life we should try everything and thus, have no regrets later on. These kinds of theories along with the availability of food choices have changed our eating patterns. Now, most of us don’t eat to live rather live to eat.

    Hence, junk food and pleasure eating is becoming normative to our routine. These kinds of food may make us happy but may not be necessarily good for our health. For instance, coffee and sugary food can increase your blood sugar level which causes increased production of cortisol. Thus, elevating your stress.

    Eating healthy food is one among other easier ways to de-stress.  So, it is better to eat stress relieving food such as nuts, dark chocolates, salmon, spinach, oatmeal, tea, banana, carrots etc.  Introduce these food items in your diet and have a stress-free life.

    It is one of the easier ways to de-stress as it requires us to change our eating habit without eliminating taste from our food.

  6. Sleeping

    Sleeping To De-Stress
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    Sleep deprivation or poor sleep pattern is another factor that caters to stress and anxiety. If the body does not get an adequate amount of sleep (at least 7-9 hrs for an adult), then we can easily get prone to impatience, fatigue, negativity and face a decrease in our mental clarity.

    Therefore, we need to take an adequate amount of sleep in order to maintain our mental and physical well-being. Peaceful sleep sans disturbance strengthens our concentration and our judgement and decision-making process and improves our mood.

    Thus, you need to sleep for a sufficient amount of time span for the proper functioning of your body. Meeting the requisite hours of sleep will enable you to counter the everyday stress of your life.

    Frankly, this is one of my most favourite ways to de-stress, for the obvious reasons 😉  So try this relaxing and comfortable ways to de-stress.

  7. Painting/Drawing

    Painting/Drawing To De-Stress
    Image Via Videezy


    Along with expressing your creative side, Painting/Drawing also helps in coping up with stress. If you are going through too much stress then you can take a pen or paintbrush and create something. In the process of creating art, all your energy and thoughts are centered on the art piece you are creating. Your mind is distracted from the problems that may be the cause of your stress.

    While producing your art piece, if you include your problem in your work, you may end up with a way of solving it. And if you maintain a collection of your work, you can go through it later and evaluate your emotions.

    This exercise also enables you to spend some ‘me time’, which is extremely essential for maintaining your sanity in this mad world. In order to use this as a way to de-stress, it is not important for you to be a skilled artist. Even if you suck at drawing, painting or sketching; it is no big deal. Just go for this method amidst various others ways to de-stress if you feel stressed.

  8. Screaming

    Screaming To De-Stress
    Image Via Science ABC


    Saddled with stress and anxieties, do you wish to scream the place down? Then please do. Because screaming is another way through which you can de-stress and release all your negative energy and emotions.

    Screaming can have both cathartic and therapeutic effect. When you are screaming, you are expressing all the pent-up emotions, which if left repressed could elevate your stress level. Thus, you could opt for screaming at the top of your voice, amongst other ways to de-stress.

    Remember to do this when you are alone in a closed room or you can even shout in your pillows. Screaming while people are around can get you a bad reputation. As screaming is also a way to express anger, you would be perceived as an angry person. But in reality, you are just letting out your frustration. So, try this only when you are alone.

  9. Playing Games

    Playing Games To De-Stress
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    Since childhood, the most enjoyable activity for all us probably had been the time that was allocated to playing sports. While playing outdoor games be it cricket, football, basketball, hockey etc we release the stress-related hormones and are letting go our frustrations, depression and worries. The fact that we are playing in groups increases our interpersonal human interaction and enable us to form bonds of friendship and companionship. Bonds of friendship are extremely valuable in dealing with depression, anxiety and stress.  Furthermore, it helps in developing leadership skills, team spirit and sportsmanship.

    Similarly, playing indoor games like chess, carom, cards and numerous board games also helps us in combating stress. Because when we are playing, we are completely engrossed in the game and giving it our 100% attention. This diverts our attention from all the stress and worries we are dealing with in our personal lives.

    Playing online games is also one amongst other enjoyable ways to de-stress.  A study has revealed how people perceive video games as a medium to relieve stress. The study also unveiled that people found an escape from the pressure and stress of their life in video games. Thus, video games may act as a positive force and help people in dealing with the anxieties and stress that grapples their lives.

    Therefore, choose any format of the game, be it online or offline, as it is one of the most enjoyable ways to de-stress, and relieve your stress.

  10. Taking a Hot Bath Or Hot Shower

    Hot Shower/Hot Bath To De-Stress
    Image Via Weviral


    Tired after a long stressful and exhausting day? Don’t worry as we have the perfect solution to your problem.  You can take either a hot shower or a hot bath to relieve your stress. The hot water relaxes your nervous system and alleviates the tension you feel in your muscles. Thus, helping you feel refreshed and relaxed. Along with easing your tension, stress and exhaustion.

    Since the hot water increases the flow of blood to the skin, it energizes us and has a therapeutic effect. However, be careful and do not spend too much time in the hot water as it can cause damage to your skin.

    For many people, this is one of the most soothing ways to de-stress. So go ahead and try this at home today.

  11. Playing With Your Pets

    Playing With Pets To De-Stress
    Image Via 365 Pet Insurance


    Humans have a tendency to crave unconditional love. Being loved unconditionally is a blessing bestowed upon few people. All the dog owner’s know what I am talking about. After a long weary day when you are received by the happy face of your dog eager to lick you while wagging their tail, the feeling of happiness and content which you feel is out of the world.

    The satisfaction of being loved this way is incomparable. They don’t judge you, just love you. They help you in forgetting all the problems, stress, anxieties of your life. Numerous studies have shown that playing with your dog helps in reducing your stress. When you play with your dog your body releases stress-reducing hormones oxytocin in increased amount while the production of stress-causing hormone cortisol is decreased. Hence, playing with your dog helps in reducing your stress.

  12. Laughter

    Laughter As A Ways To De-stress
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    Laughter is one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to de-stress.

    When we are laughing, our brain releases neurotransmitters; endorphins which are responsible for giving us the feeling of pleasure. They provide us with a natural kind of high and are natural pain relievers.

    Laughing calms our response to stress-inducing triggers. It also elevates our heart rate and blood flow and helping us feel relaxed. Further, laughing revives the circulation and relaxes our muscles. Hence, helping us in dealing with stress.

    While we are watching funny videos be it stand up comedy shows, epic fails, etc, we forget all the problems and stress we are encountering. Thus, the funny videos provide comic relief from the harrowing tragedy i.e our life.

    So, when you feel extremely stressed, watch comedy video and have a good laugh. Laughter will help you in fighting not only stress but also anxiety and depression.

    Please do try this as it is one of the most effective ways to de-stress.

  13. Meditation

    Meditation To De-Stress
    Image Via Today


    One of the best ways to de-stress is meditation. Meditation helps us in forgetting all our worries and stress and soothes our mind.

    Practiced since ancient times, Meditation helps us in connecting to our inner self. It takes us in a blissful and content state of existence. Meditating for a few minutes every day will bring calmness and stability in our lives.

    The relaxation and contentment received after meditating regularly help us in regulating our mood, boosting our digestive system, lowering our blood pressure and reducing our stress.

    During meditation, you need to focus your complete attention on only one thing be it your breathing or a word which you are supposed to chant, while sitting.  Meditation will not only provide you peace but it will also increase your concentration power and your memory.

    Keep meditating for 20 minutes regularly and you will feel the difference. Try this method as it is one of the most inexpensive ways to de-stress. You do not require anything except your time and willingness to practice it.

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