Here’s How to Make a Phone Stand for Free in 30 seconds! – 3 DIY Easiest Methods

Ah, smartphones.

I’m sure everyone realizes how important this little rectangle box wondrously booming with technology has become in our lives. It is our gateway, our magic portal, to well… everything. And one important activity that we all love to do on these little nuggets of innovation we call “Phones”, or as our inherent British dialect has ingrained in us, “Mobiles” – is watching things. Social Media Content, Youtube Videos, Live Streams, News, Soaps, Netflix – you name it. There never existed a more convenient pass time than indulging religiously in the unending content that Lord Internet provides us- anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Phone DIY

A Phone Stand makes life so much easier man” – dude

Spot on, dude. While our hands mostly serve as great place holders for our smartphones, sometimes our binge watching bulbous heads need to laze on one hand, while the other digs out our favourite snack. God, we are such pigs. But hey, this series is so dope!

That’s why it becomes really annoying to find the perfect surface to rest your phone on. It’s all either just too flat or too slanted; and our laps barely have the energy to cope with our lengthy binging escapades. Moreover, it is frustrating to get those thick, weirdly patterned back stand phone covers which are
a) ugly, and
b) inconveniently bulky.

Ugh. Just getting your phone out of the pocket is a hassle with those crude fellas.

And when it comes to ordering phone stands, don’t even get us started! Let us just save you the trouble of nitpicking through the endless options available. None of the products are good enough value for money. Trust us, we did our research. *sigh*

But fret not! For there are alternatives; and incredibly cheap ones at that! Simply scroll down to find 3 elegantly simple methods and completely skip the hassle of going through what we did. Did you know that you can conveniently make a sturdy mobile stand just by using scrap material at home? Neither did we! And guess what? It’s easy peasy.

So get off your butts, find yourself a set of pliers or cutters, and gear up!

Phone Stand

1. Used Credit/Membership Card Phone Stand

The best part is that you can carry these DIY phone stands with you – at all times. There are two ways of using an old credit card to make a mobile stand:-

a) The Simple Fold method :-

Just have a look at the video below. It shows you hands down the best method to make a phone stand if you are looking for a quick & simple fix.

b) The Craftsman method :-

There are chances that your card is too weak or your phone too heavy for the above method. Not to worry, for here is a way is a way to go crafty on your credit or membership card. This one is sure to make you look cool, while providing full utility.

2. Fork Mobile Stand

Forks are easily bendable things that are found in every household (unless you are a freakin’ barbarian). Have a look at this great tutorial to see how to mold your fork into a sturdy home made mobile stand within seconds.

The best part? You can bend these forks at will to change the stand angle which suits you best (a feature which is not available in any affordable phone stands in the market).

3. Binder Clips or Paper Clips Mobile Stand

If you are an office worker you can easily find either of these lying around. You would just need one or two of these so nobody will notice their absence 😉

a) Binder Clips phone stand:-

b) Paper Clips phone stand:-

These are very effective as well as you can easily find them, and mold them to get your best viewing angle. Paper Clips are very convenient to carry too.

And that’s it!

Just watch these short Youtube videos & make a home made phone stand within seconds, hassle free.



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