How Technology is Changing the Way We Travel

How Technology Changed the Way We Travel

Transportation systems have undergone tremendous changes which are vastly different from the conventional mode. Transportation has gone beyond road, rail, air, or water transportation systems. This is owing to the technological advancement prevalent in 21st-century society. Every society/country is on the quest to devise means to avoid gridlocks and make movement from one place to another easy for its inhabitants. All of which can only be made possible with the intervention of technology. Let us discuss some modern mode of transportation on this list.

  1. Electric Log Device(ELDs)

    Electric Log Device(ELDs)
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    The transportation sector has now suddenly grown competitive with every company trying to create and develop new and existing technologies in order to remain in business. There is the Electronic Log Devices (ELDs) for truck drivers to help them maintain specific hours of service so that they can rest properly. This device helps to reduce the rate of road accidents.

  2. Self Driving Trucks

    Self Driving Trucks
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    Some companies have developed self-driving trucks using Artificial intelligence(AI). Thus, it creates smarter vehicles. These vehicles can evaluate road conditions and provide speedy feedback and information dissemination to other vehicles. Although this has not been fully implemented, numerous companies have started adopting this technology on a small scale.

  3. Bullet Trains

    Technology & Bullet Trains
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    Bullet train is an English colloquial expression for the Japanese term, Shinkansen which means “new trunk line”.  The bullet train commenced in Japan with the aim of connecting the distant region of Japan to Tokyo. It is basically is a network of speedy railway lines which travels up to 320 km/hrs. Besides, countries like Taiwan, China and the United Kingdom also has Bullet Trains. Japan signed contracts with the United States in 2014 and India in December of 2015 to connect Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The rail lines do not just cover long distances but also convey commuters in specific regions.

  4. Metrino

    Image Via Metrino-PRT

    Metrino-PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) is another technologically advanced public transportation system aims to reduce traffic congestions and pollution.  It is an extremely viable system as it is comparatively cheaper to build and maintain. Besides, it is quite cheap, safe, fast, eco-friendly and comfortable for passengers.

  5. Hyperloop

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    Hyperloop is a futuristic mode of transportation which has the capacity to revolutionize the world. This system involves transporting passengers or cargo in a pod through a system of tubes at a speed that could exceed 600 miles per hours. In India, the Maharashtra government has proposed the Pune-Mumbai hyperloop; a joint venture between Virgin Hyperloop and government of Maharastra. This proposed hyperloop aims to reduce the travel time between the cities from 3 hrs to 25 minutes.

  6. Metros

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    There are several fascinating metros in the world with each trying to outdo the other in technological improvements. Some of these metros include the first underground railway in the world, London Underground, Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong, Paris Metro, New York City MTA, Moscow Metro, Seoul Metropolitan Subway, Athens Metro, among others.
    All of these attractively enhanced means of transportation are proof that technology has completely transformed the way we travel. In fact, some of these newly developed transportation systems can pass for sources of tourist attraction.

Don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion about the ways technology has altered the way we travel. Eagerly awaiting your response.

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