How food delivery apps changed the history of food ordering and delivery

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 A few years ago, there were the days when you had to get up from the couch, walk to the shop and ask for a parcel to get food. But those days are history now. No one even remembers such a day. On the other hand, today, the food delivery apps made it easy to order food. They deliver it to your doorsteps which made the task of ordering food a hundred times easier but at the same time, made us very lazy.

Below are some of the trusted and well-known food ordering apps



Zomato Logo

Zomato is an Indian food delivery service founded in 2007. It is famous for its wide variety of menu items and currently operates across 24 countries and is well-known for its quality of service. It provides information about different restaurants in the area and the menu of those restaurants, at the same time. You can order from any restaurant you like and have the food delivered at your doorsteps.

Steps required to order food from Zomato

• Visit the Zomato website or app and click on ‘order food online’.

• Then type your delivery location or click ‘detect’ to detect your location and click on ‘Find Food’.

• You will be provided with a list of restaurants and filters.

• Go to order online tab and click on it then choose your preferred location which will bring up the menu.

• Add the item you need and confirm your order after entering the address and phone number.



Foodpanda logo

Foodpanda is a German food delivery marketplace. It currently operates across 10 countries.  Through Foodpanda you can select the restaurant you like and order food using its website or mobile app.

The service of Foodpanda in India is acquired by Ola in 2017.

How to order food from Foodpanda?

• Select your location and search what you want to eat in the search bar.

•  Foodpanda app will then present you with the restaurants where the item you searched is available.

• Opt for the restaurant you like and confirm the order.



Swiggy logi



Swiggy is a food delivery service from Bangalore, India. It features a wide variety of items and is tied up with some of the best restaurants in Bangalore and operates in 58 cities in India. The best thing about ordering from the food delivery service is that there is no minimum order limit. You can order a burger just for yourself or your whole family. It promises lightning fast delivery inside cities and you can track the order using Swiggy app.

How to order food from Swiggy?

• Go to the app or website and enter your location. Or click on ‘Locate me’ for auto detection.

• Choose an available restaurant to access the menu.

• Then select the items you like to order and click on checkout to confirm your order.



Dominos logo



Domino’s is one of those food delivery services which needs no introduction. It is one of the pioneers in this business and it operates worldwide. Domino’s is an American based pizza restaurant which is present in more than 6,000 international locations.

How to order pizza from Domino’s?

• Open Domino’s app or web page and choose which product you want.

• Next Select your delivery address. You can choose to pick up from the nearest store too.

• Opt for any extra toppings if you need. Finally, add to cart and click on finalize to confirm your order.

Some of the other food delivery services available are

• Pizzahut


Pizza Hut Logo





KFC Logo



• Uber Eats


Uber Eats logo



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  1. When it comes to online food apps, I always prefer swiggy and zomato. Both apps throw a huge discount and their delivery is very much fast. That’s why I love both apps. Thank you for the information.

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