Happy First Birthday to Us! (It has been a splendid year)

Woocoupons have come a long way since our inception a year ago to this day. On our first year anniversary, we want to have a deserved throwback to all the wonderful landmarks we reached and objectives we achieved in an infantile time period (especially in terms of startup years). In a meagre (or bountiful, whichever way you choose to look at it) 365 days we have grown tremendously as an individual, as a team, and as a company. The demanding challenges that we faced and overcame together have made us more confident and optimistic. It has made us increasingly driven for the future to land our noble endeavour to its promised destination. Following are the hurrays of WC 2018-19, a year which was thoroughly successful for us, and thus, for our entire nation.

* April ’18
Coupnarity Online Media Pvt Ltd, Woocoupons’ parent company, was willed into existence

Woocoupons Inception

..by our co-founders Mohit (our CEO), Gaurav (our Analytics Lead) and Ankit (our Tech Lead) – A venture which is the nurturing brainchild of the three. The fertile seeds of growth were sown on this fateful day, and a year later, we can look back and be proud of what we have been able to achieve since then.


* July ’18We finally moved into a brand new office space!

Woocoupons Office Space

The moment that we had all been eagerly waiting for. Operating from the improvised office space of our Chief-in-Command Mohit’s house was certainly not the most ideal of workspaces, a fact that Mohit and co deeply realized. After months of searching for an environment that was both conducive and economical to our needs, we finally got incubated by SIIF, who provided us with a workplace designed specifically to aid startup culture. It was a great day indeed!

* August ’18
The target for our total Content Developer team members was finally complete!

Team Complete!

The coolest person in the team (aka yours truly) was the first to join in April. Mohini, easily the hardest working of us all and the office sweetheart joined the team in May. Our trifecta was completed when Siddhi, our fastest working content ninja and bibliophile chose to grace us with her presence in August. Three young’uns were now officially working for Woocoupons!


* September ’18Got our first ever funding!

This one was a big one, as one can imagine. The esteemed veterans at SIIF were truly impressed by our idea and vision. Among hundreds of startups that had applied, we were one of the very select few chosen to be invested in. In September, we got our first ever installment of our first ever funding. A very momentous occasion, as could be clearly seen by the grinning faces of our co founders! They had been generously compensating us with their own pockets so far. Now, all our gears were in motion in full force to conquer our next milestone – the most crucial one.


* January ’19Our all new Website launch!

This was the day when India’s First Ever Shopfunding Website came into its digital existence. What had started out as a noble idea in the minds of three budding entrepreneurs who aspired to be innovative leaders for change – was now reality. Now you could actually shop for any product online across hundreds of stores, and get to donate to multiple charities for absolutely free!


This has just been the first year since our birth. We learned to stand, we learned to crawl, and now we can almost walk. Soon we’ll be up and running at full speed. It’s just a matter of time! Meanwhile, let us thank you all wholeheartedly for your continued love and support. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you. Do continue shopping through our site and keep spreading the word so we can continue revolutionizing how online shopping is perceived in our country – together, forever.

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