Happiness: State of mind or not

Someone well said that’ Happiness is a state of mind’. If one says he or she is happy it is because they feel themselves to be happy. It is not that happy person will stay happy his/her entire life. One can be happy and one moment and may be having some other emotion the very next second this is human nature. We humans do have different kinds of emotions and we keep expressing that emotion over the period of time.

Happiness as a subject

India, has also released the “curriculum of happiness”, an educational program on emotions, which has the support of the Dalai Lama. The goal for the Tibetan spiritual leader is to create compassion and happiness. That is, cover the way to physical and mental well-being and solve problems caused by negative and destructive emotions, like anger, hatred and jealousy.

The “happiness curriculum”, includes meditation, values ​​education and mental exercises, is undoubtedly great news about the incorporation of emotional management in traditional education systems. This was done to create personal freedom and emotional intelligence should begin in childhood, so that family members and teachers help the youngest to reaffirm their potential.

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We live in a world with too many people prone to frustration and in a scenario plagued by terrorism, sexist crimes, xenophobia and hate speech. Quite simply, the protagonists of such activities lacked emotional training. And, as we know, school is the major role n the development of the personality of the people.

Just think about it that children learn dental hygiene since they were five years old, but no one teaches them about emotional hygiene and stability. How can we consider spend more time taking care of our teeth than our minds?

 In a country with the challenges and dimensions of India, the program is an excellent experiment for the whole world. The big question arises is that what the world would be like if we had all been emotionally educated since elementary school. Education about how we can keep our minds stable and know how exactly one can handle tough situations, makes the generation to become more strong emotionally at the initial stages itself.


Happiness is the natural state for human beings.

It is believed that Just give humans food water shelter and love and they just gonna naturally be happy. But the reality is the normal state for human being is the ever changing flow of emotions. Because emotions are like weather continually be changing.  You would not say that the natural state of the weather can be naturally warm and spring in  summer, it is that natural that its going to be cold in winters. It is the natural thing that in summer it is going to hot and in winter it will be cold. And so it is without emotions. Therefore, you expect to feel anxious in challenging situation. You also feel fear when it danger or threat present.

Happiness means feeling good

In most of the dictionary happiness is defined as a state of pleasure or contentment.  If this is your notion of happiness then there is no such thing as ‘last’ in happiness. Because how long does a feeling last? Think of the happiest day of your life how long did the pleasure or contentment last? You must have felt some frustration, disappointment, anxiety, irritation.

If you are not happy you are defective.

Most importantly, Feeling that something is wrong with you and you need medication to fix it. The reality is that if you are not happy you are normal. We need to understand that life is difficult if I ask someone is your life too easy? Do want more problems in your life? The answer would be no. Because life is hard and challenging, not always but yes sometimes it is.

Understanding why happiness is important in today's time.
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In a way to understand what do people think about happiness, I conducted a research survey by using questionnaire method. The results are as follows:

  • 81% of the respondents think that happiness is a natural state of mind while 19% of them think that happiness is not a natural state of mind.
  • 69% of the respondents think that happiness means feeling good, 14% think may be and 17% think that that happiness does not  mean feeling good.
  • Almost all the respondents feel that life is not too easy and they do not wish to have more difficulties in life.
  • 81% of the respondents think that if you are not happy then you are defective, 13% think may be and only 6% think that if you are not happy then it does not mean that you are defective.
  • 76.8% of the people thought that may be artificial things like tablets or capsules can help you become a happier person, 5.1% think yes and 18.2% think that artificial things like tablets or capsules cannot help you become a happier person.

Outcome of Research

It was observed that, most of the people think that happiness is the natural state of mind. More than half of the sample size thought that happiness means feeling good. None of the respondents felt that life is not too easy and they do not wish to have more difficulties in life. Majority of the sample size felt that if you are not happy then you are defective. Also, it was found that still many of the people think that may be artificial things like tablets or capsules can help you become a happier person.


It can be said that Happiness is a rich full and meaningful life. In which we feel all the four range of human emotion. The things that just don’t give us pleasant feeling like think about building relationship you have people whom you love and care and have been together since many years. Does your relationship only have a feeling of pleasure or contentment all the time? The relationships have conflict, frustration, rage, irritation, tension or anxiety and many other emotions.

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