Coronavirus: All you need to know

All the countries within the world are making efforts to house the new coronavirus. Besides, The virus has killed 908 people till now and over 40000 cases are reported worldwide.

What is the coronavirus?

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Coronaviruses (CoV) are an outsized family of viruses that cause illness starting from the communicable disease to more severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). a Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) may be a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?

People face common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In additional severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, nephrosis and even death. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is functioning closely with global experts, governments and partners. This is to rapidly increase the knowledge domain on this new virus. And to trace the spread and virulence of the virus, and to supply advice to countries and individuals on measures to guard health and forestall the spread of this outbreak.

Where did coronavirus originate from?

The novel coronavirus designated as 2019-nCoV first appeared in Wuhan, China in late December 2019. Dozens of individuals died in China. Thousands of individuals infected as 2019-nCoV continues to spread round the world.

Coronavirus is an outsized family of viruses
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Myths spread about the coronavirus

Stop receiving products from china

There are various forms of rumours spread in and round the world about the coronavirus. One in all the foremost myths is that everybody must stop receiving products from china. This actually makes no sense the least bit. People receiving packages from China aren’t in danger of contacting the new coronavirus. This will be said so because, coronavirus doesn’t survive long on objects, like letters or packages.

Pets can catch and spread the coronavirus

At present, there’s no evidence that companion animal or pets like dogs or cats is infected with the new coronavirus. However, it’s always an honest idea to scrub your hands with soap and water after contact with pets. This protects you against various common bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella that may pass between pets and humans. Furthermore, hygiene is the only solution.

Vaccine against pneumonia prevents virus

The other rumour about the coronavirus is that, Vaccines against pneumonia, such as Pneumovax and Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) vaccine would prevent one from catching coronavirus. Whereas, the reality is that, these vaccines don’t provide protection against the new coronavirus. The virus is so new and different that it needs its own vaccine. Researchers try to develop a vaccine against 2019-nCoV and WHO is supporting their efforts. Although these vaccines aren’t effective against 2019-nCoV. Vaccination against respiratory illnesses is extremely recommended to guard your health.

Miracle Mineral Solution would protect you from virus

The Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is being promoted by people. It is combination miracle cure and vaccine for everything from autism to cancer and HIV/AIDS. The Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly warned consumers to not drink MMS, last year calling it effectively“ dangerous bleach” because that may cause “severe vomiting” and “acute liver failure.”

Antibiotics would help

Another myth being created within the society is that antibiotics are effective in preventing and treating the new coronavirus. The fact is that antibiotics don’t work against viruses, they work only on bacteria. The new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) may be a virus and, therefore, antibiotics mustn’t be used as a way of prevention or treatment. However, if you’re hospitalized for the 2019-nCoV, you will receive antibiotics because bacterial co-infection is feasible.

Till date, , there’s no specific medicine recommended to forestall or treat the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV). However, those infected with the virus should receive appropriate care to alleviate and treat symptoms, and people with severe illness should receive optimized supportive care. Consequently, some specific treatments are under investigation, and can be tested through clinical trials. Also, WHO helps to accelerate research and development efforts with a variety or partners.


There are various misunderstanding associated with the coronavirus. Thus, to form an understanding about what proportion people are privy to the new coronavirus, I conducted a survey using questionnaire method. After the research, it had been found that:

  • It is remarkable to see that 89% of people are aware about the coronavirus, while still 11% are not aware about the new coronavirus.
  • However, 45% of the respondents think that pets can catch and spread the coronavirus, 32% think maybe, while 23% of the respondents think that pets cannot catch and spread the coronavirus.
  • Almost 50% of the respondents have heard about the Miracle Mineral Solution will protect from the virus, 17% think maybe whereas 33% of the respondents have not heard about the drink.  
  • 38% of the respondents think that antibiotics can prevent or treat the new coronavirus, 40% respondents think maybe while only 22% of them think that antibiotics cannot prevent or treat the virus.
  • 57% of the respondents were not even aware of the means through which they can protect themselves from the virus, 24% of the respondents think maybe, while just 19% of the respondents are actually aware of the means through which the virus can be prevented.

Outcome of research

Hence, with the assistance of research it had been found most of the people are privy to the coronavirus. But not privy to the methods using which one can protect oneself from catching the coronavirus. Also, it had been observed that the bulk of the respondents believed within the rumours being spread within the society.

It is also worth consideration that, not most are at the chance of getting the virus only people who have recently been to China or are in close contact with someone who may be a confirmed case of coronavirus.

How can we protect ourselves from getting the virus?

Most importantly, in terms of self-protection from the virus, experts agree that’s important to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap. Also, cover your face with a tissue or your elbow when coughing or sneezing this would people around you catching the virus. Some people are also wearing masks to prevent themselves from getting in contact with the coronavirus. Masks can provide some protection to you and others, but because they are loose and made of permeable material, droplets can still pass through. In case, if you have symptoms visit a doctor immediately, so that you can get treated at the initial stage itself. Another method to prevent the coronavirus is to just simply avoid direct contact with live animals belonging to the areas where the coronavirus is spreading.


Also, one must not get into any rumours being spread on social media related to the coronavirus and the techniques to get rid of the virus. Therefore, One must rely only on trusted sources to get a better understanding about the coronavirus. besides, There is no treatment for this virus until now, but medical care can treat most of the symptoms.

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