The Best 3 Workout for a Toned Body

Workout To Get Toned Body

Possessing a toned body requires a lot of self-discipline, steady routine and frequent visits to the gym. Getting a desirable body does not happen overnight. No fairy godmother is involved. Strict adherence to an effective routine is required.

Do you desire tighter arms in place of the flaps, fitting calves and lower abs? Wouldn’t you love a sexier definition to your butt, hips, and thighs? Here is a list containing three workouts that may be your best bet to achieving these results. At the end of doing two sets of these workout for three to four days in a week, your body would have undergone a tremendously impressive transformation.


  1. Squat To Shoulder Press

    Squat To Shoulder Press Workout
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    This workout focuses on tightening the muscles of the butts, thighs, and arms. All you need to do is hold 5 pounds weights in each of your hands while you stand with your feet apart. With your arms bent and palms turned in, bend your knees and squat. Maintain this position for a while; thereafter stand with arms pressed straight over your shoulders. For greater effect, repeat this workout 8 or 12 times.

  2. Pull Combo

    Pull Combo Workout
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    This workout, on the other hand, tones the butt, thighs, and abs. For doing this, you stand with your legs moderately spread apart and arms bent 90 degrees. Place your left hand near your hip while your right-hand should face up as if ready to sprint. Next, bend and lift your left knee towards the chest and lean torso slightly forward. Then, put the left arm forward while the left leg extends backwards.

    Upon completing this, return to the standing position. Place your left foot behind and lower to a lunge. Sequentially, return arms to maintain the sprinter posture and sustain the posture for a while. Rise from this posture in one swift motion, swinging your arms to change positions. At the same time, lift your left knee towards your chest and gradually rise on the toes of your right foot. This exercise should be chronologically repeated for 8 to 12 times; switching left legs and arms to right and vice versa.

  3. Standing Lift

    Standing Lift Workout
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    The Standing Lift works on the obliques, back, and shoulders. Of course, you need to maintain an upright and stable posture in order to not project a sloppy appearance. First, stand with your left foot placed in front of the right and hold one weight with both hands. The arms should be extended to place the weight by the right hip. Then, rotate the arms up and across without twisting or turning torso. Switch sides and repeat the routine 8 to 12 times for the desired effect.

Do try these three workouts and do tell us if they work out for you or not, And if you know an equally effective workout for the toned body then tell us in the comment section below.

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