10 dishes of foreign origin you grew up believing were Indian

Chicken Tikka Masala

At India, we sure love our food. And our diverse culture is resplendent in the flavour, texture, and ingredients of our cuisine. Given our rich history, it’s only natural that not all our food is of Indian origin. But we have put together a list of dishes and beverages that you’ll be shocked to discover that they didn’t orginate in India; but have actually just wonderfully acclimated according to Indian taste and palette. Indians, by virtue of their culinary skills, have managed to make these dishes more palatable and acceptable.

Chai – Drink of common man

Masala Chai
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Chai stands as one of the favourites of the common man of India. But it originated in China. It is to be noted that the Chinese used it as a medicinal drink. However, Britishers brought it to India and started growing it.


A Plate OF Jalebi
Image Via Al-Karam Sweets

These circular mouth-watering sweet delight originated in Persia. This sweet dish has found wide acceptance and has so many variants to it. It is called as “Zalabiya in Arabic” or “Zalibiya in Persian”.


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Another foreign origin dish that Indians love and appreciate  as a tea- time snack is Samosa. Samosa found its way to India from the Middle East. Though there,  it is known as “Sambosa”. This dish migrated to India in the 14th century and has made itself a name in India since then. However, the stuffing with aloo masala etc is Indian.

Gulab Jamoon

Gukab Jamoon
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This dish originally belongs to Persia. You can serve and enjoy this dish hot, cold or even at room temperature. Originally, this was called as “luqmat al qadi”.

Dal Bhaat

Dal bhaat
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Dal Bhaat or Dal Chaval is one of the main dishes as far as Indian food is concerned. Another variant of Dal Chaval is Khichdi which again is a very popular dish.. This dish hails from Nepal.


Rajma Chaval
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Rajma Chaval finds wide acceptance in the Indian region. It originated in Mexico and migrated to India through Guatemala and Central Mexico.


Image Via Manjula’s Kitchen

Without Naan, no North Indian food is complete. This soft bread has gained popularity in Europe and America. This originated in Persia in a different form. However, the leavened bread finds its origin in Iran.

Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee
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Filter coffee has become a customary drink in many households in India. Indians started using coffee in from the 1950s.. This coffee bean originated in Yemen and was brought to India by Baba Budan. On returning, he started growing coffee which became a famous Indian drink.


Mutton Biryani
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Biryai, is a special dish that one enjoys on special occasions like festivals, celebrations or holidays. This dish has many variants. The fact that every state in India has its own version of Biryani is reflective of its popularity and appeal.  Hailing from India, Biryani came to India with the mighty Mughals.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala
Image Via Delish

Even though this dish originally belonged to Scotland, the present-day Chicken Tikka masala is made popular by Indians with the addition of masala into this dish.

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